FIND YOURSELF. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Personal Mentor. is my online store where you can book & purchase your Skype session, workshop, healing, or Harmony & Balance consultation with me.

I am a Personal Development Coach and Holistic Therapist, with over 24 years experience in the self-help field. I have helped thousands of clients, worldwide, to evolve to a better understanding of themselves and their lives by becoming “skilful creators” of the reality they desire through my unique integrative approach Ketheric Well-Being™: The Four Dimensions of Change.

I believe that we are the directors of our own movies and that if we don’t like your movie you can always change the script! The primary objective of your session is to guide you back to taking responsibility for your own wellbeing in order the affect the changes that you desire, by offering practical life-guidance and supportive mentoring. I do not advertise. My clients are referred to me through word of mouth only. If you are ready to commit to exploring and developing who you are, and to living the life you are ment to live; then please get in touch.

A published author and a monthly Life Coach Columnist since 2004, I have appeared on BBC 2; London’s LBC radio and receive regular press coverage from various magazines. I am the founder of, UK’s first holistic online magazine (established in 2004), and producer of inspirational Ketheric podcasts with thousands of listeners and downloads from iTunes.

Kindly note that I am currently writing my book, and developing e-books and downloadable Tools For Life products for my store; and hold sessions online only, via Skype.