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Expert one-to-one intensive online learning sessions available via Skype.

Here, you can explore, learn, and receive expert guidance on any of the following areas to assist in your personal development. Many of my clients come to a point where they realize that they no longer needed a mentoring session; however, they require further guidance on a specific issue or interest. They want to sharpen their life-skills, heal the past, or release a block which is holding them back in order to "manifest" what they desire in their life.

You may wish to, for example, to explore interpreting your dreams.On another occasion, you may feel that you are ready to connect with yourself ona deeper level, and seek guidance through intuitive writing or meditation; or that you wish to practice meditative breathing techniques. Some of my clients have a creative streak and wish to learn about interpreting symbols of the Tarot as a ready-in-hand-tool for their own self and spiritual development. It is up to you how you wish to use your session. Each one-hour session is unique and tailored to your needs and level of awareness. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary. You will be provided with handouts where relevant. I will explain and guide you through the rest.

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Cartouche Workshop Cartouche Workshop

Self-development Tool

Price: £180.00
Dreams Workshop Dreams Workshop

Understand your own dream language.

Price: £180.00
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

For all products. Inspire others to help themselves.

Intuitive Writing Workshop Intuitive Writing Workshop

Tap Into Your Creativity

Price: £180.00
Meditation Workshop Meditation Workshop

Still Your Mind & Listen To Your Inner Voice

Price: £180.00
Tarot Advanced Workshop Tarot Advanced Workshop

Advanced Level

Price: £180.00
Tarot Foundation Workshop Tarot Foundation Workshop

Level 1: Foundation

Price: £180.00