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Unbox The Real You Workshop
Unbox The Real You Workshop

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8 modules, 200 GBP each. Click here to view Modules.
This is a new online course on personal resilience, which builds on my previous face-to-face session. I developed this online course to make it simpler and more emjoyable to get to uncover and get to love the New You.

Module 1: Finding Balance. Let’s make the beginning simple enough by turning the intangible into tangible. There is a Tool4Life that will help you see for yourself where you are out of balance and what aspect to address first.

Module 2: Design The Web of Your Life. Where do you start unboxing from? Before you set on a plan, have you agreed with yourself on what you’ll be working on? I have the right Tools For Life™ that help you make a start. You will then be ready to come up with a plan.

Module 3: Meet Your Body. Understanding where and why it hurts. Your body is your vehicle to realising your life goals. Without it, you are not here! learn how your body can point out what you need to work through and bring it back to life.

Module 4: How do you Feel? Are you feeling something or thinking it? The difference between feelings and emotions, and what emotions punctuate your life story.

Module 5: Mind your Language. Thoughts, words, beliefs & how they shape your experiences and eventually your life. Refresh your outdated beliefs and restart a joyful life.

Module 6: Accountability: Who's Responsible for The Mess (you made), and The Maze you found Yourself in? Accountability is empowering. It is about making a shift from “victim mentality into “powerful creator”.

Module 7: Moving Forward: Aligning yourself with your lifepath.

Module 8: Step Up! Living a Joyful Holistic Life. Most of us are not aware of the basic principles that guide our life journey. I call it alignment. When you are not aligned with your life purpose, you will experience tensions and struggle. When you are not aware of who “the real you” is, you will feel confused and unable to make decisions. Four aspects help to align with your life path: your Body, your Emotions, your Mind, and your Actions (or accountability). I call this process that I have developed BEMA. The result is that you will emerge as a resilient powerful participant of a joyful life that you fall in love with; fulfilling your life purpose.

Want to try it? Register your interest & Join my Free Mentoring Webinars Series 1: #UnboxTheRealYouwithSahar on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnboxTheRealYouwithSaharGroup/

Free Unbox Webinar Unit 1
  • Eight-module, self-awakening course based on my book and process.

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