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My core philosophy is to inspire & empower. I mentor people on how to create a joyous life for a better future; and coach them on how live in alignment with their true identity, or essence, and purpose. I believe that we are the creators of our own movies. If we don’t like our movie, we can always change the script!

Your session will highlight your current patterns, reveal blocks, and offer potential solutions and practical life-guidance on how to begin to live a more fulfilling life. I can then provide you with the right Tools4Life and suggestions specific to your needs to help you clear and heal mental & emotional blocks. You will be developing an actionable plan, or what I refer to as "homework", that puts you in charge of "directing" your own "movie". When you change, those close to you will also begin to change; and you will start living in a world of ease harmony and joy.

Sessions are held online only via Skype or Zoom.


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Vibrational Meâ„¢ Vibrational Me™

Life Path: Date of Birth Vibrational Analysis

Price: £180.00
45-60 min. Mentoring 45-60 min. Mentoring

45-60 minutes session

Price: £180.00
20-30 min. Follow-up 20-30 min. Follow-up

20-30 minutes follow-up

Price: £130.00
Mini Question Mini Question

Quick Reply to A Mini Question

Price: £65.00
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

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