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If your life is a movie, no one is directing it but you. let me help you change your script!

Is about bringing Body, Mind & Emotions into Balance directing your awareness and actions towards achieving your personal goals; whatever they may be.I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life, across the world, to live a vibrant joyful life, achieve their goals, and actualize their life’s purpose. My support offers half-hour follow-up sessions and tailor made Tools For Life™.

My core philosophy is to inspire & empower. My approach is a holistic one – balancing body, emotions, mind and actions. I use my own unique methodology – Ketheric Wellbeing™ to help my clients extract wisdom from their lives, by understanding the dynamic that lead from the past to the present; and allowing them to move forward while holding themselves accountable for what they “create” – that is making a shift from “victim” mentality to that of an empowered “co-author”. Mentoring packages are designed to help you make a start and launch a life transformative change. Sessions to be completed within 12 months of purchase.

Kindly note that I am currently writing my book, and developing e-books and downloadable Tools For Life products for my store; and hold workshop sessions online only via Skype.

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Bronze Package Bronze Package

One-hour Skype Session. To prepare, just jot down few points describing why you're interested in having a session. We will start from there.

Price: £180.00
Silver Package Silver Package

3 sessions: book two one-hour sessions and receive a complimentary half-hour session (worth £480 - you receive 25% discount). Package includes includes Email/Text Support when needed.

Price: £360.00
Gold Package Gold Package

4 Sessions: book 3 one-hour sessions and receieve a complimentary one-hour session (worth £720 - you receive 25% discount). If you wish, you can use one session for a workshop of your choice.

Price: £540.00