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So, you've had your Life Assessment, and Follow up sessions, and managed to put your life back on track. You've also learnt how to tune in into your body, and keep it in balance through BioEnergy healing. And you're now ready to consider your outer environment - your space, home, and work place. A Harmony & Balance Consultation assess the environment of your space and identifies areas of blockages or negative, non-productive space (Phase I). It can also include a detailed report, explanation, assessment, remedies, and clear colour diagrams highlighting significant areas in your environment (Phase II) ; bringing body, mind, emotions and space into balance. In other words, harmonising you and your environment; which would facilitate fulfilling your goals.

Financial well-being is a major concern that many of us have nowadays. However, the principles of abundance (health, wealth and happiness) are the same. The trick to money is having some! Learning how to create and attract abundance is part of our spiritual awareness and understanding- an extension of personal, or inner harmony. If you like, money is an outer or external expression of inner harmony.  It is, therefore, essential to understand that Money energy is a creative energy which vibrates, flows and pulses. Like light, it requires: 
  • Flow 
  • Direction, and 
  • Pulse.
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Harmony & Balance Consultation Phase 1 Harmony & Balance Consultation Phase 2
Our Price: £225.00
Our Price: £225.00