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I believe that we are the creators of our own movies and that if we don’t like it, we can always change the script. The primary objective of your session is to highlight your current patterns, reveal blocks, and offer potential solutions and practical life-guidance to help you achieve the fulfilled life you seek; in effect actualising your life's purpose. By transmuting any negative patterns in the way you react, or in your belief systems, I can then provide you with tools, tasks, and suggestions specific to your needs.

You then have an actionable plan, or what I refer to as "homework", that puts you in charge of "directing" your own "movie". My aim is to inspire and empower you; to help you develop to your full potential. Your Life Assessment session is your compass; you can then confidently chart your journey through life! Kindly note that priority is given to sessions over Skype. Delivery for distant sessions are longer depending on workload at the time.

Follow up sessions are then possible to track any changes and to deal with any new arising issues. This can be full hour session or half hour. It is always a good idea to compliment your sessions with Bio Energy healing session, to allow your body, mind and energy to integrate; in effect aligning the "new you", so you can catch up with yourself. This session can be conducted in person or from distance without having you present; and is an essential part to my Holistic approach.

For more details, please visit Bio Energy Healing page.
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Mini Question
Our Price: £60.00
Follow Up Session
Our Price: £120.00
Life Assessment Session
Our Price: £180.00
Dream Interpretation
Our Price: £200.00
Half hour session available to existing clients only.