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Delivery Policy
By placing an order, you are agreeing to our terms of business. All life-path guidance sessions & master classes are recorded and delivered by email as an MP3 sound file. Should you lose your recording, please email me. Most of the time, except when a technical glitch takes place, I am able to re-send you a copy at no extra cost.

Physical products: such as gifts, accessories, and jewellery or CD's, will be shipped to the postal address you provide, usually within 24-48 hours. If I am away at the time you place your order, I will notify immediately, and your product will be shipped asap. We are able to ship worldwide. All shipping is via traceable "to be signed for" mail. Listed price listed for physical products in most instances (unless indicated) includes postage and packaging. Currency of transaction is in GBP (British Pounds Sterling).

Mentoring Sessions: Appointments for Skype sessions is arranged by email once your order is received. Session is recorded and sent to you by email soon afterwards.

If you live in the UK, USA or Canada, kindly email me to enquire about times.

What happens once I place an order?
You will receive an automated confirmation. I will then email you to ask for, or remind you to email, other information or details if needed. Once all information is in hand, your order will go "in line", and be delivered as soon as I can. Should any excruciating circumstances arise, that may prevent me form conducting our session via the telephone or Skype; I will email you and fully refund the my fee (less cc processing fee).

How do I use my recorded session?

Once you receive the MP3 sound file of your session, please listen to it several times; making notes of key issues and important points and any tasks or suggestions that may come through. This is what I call your "homework". By listing those suggestions, on paper, you will now have have created an action list of things to do in order to change the patterns that are holding you back and create new ones instead. By putting your homework into action, you will be able to track your progress, as well as monitor events and changes in your life. It is this work which will enable you to transform your life. "Homework" and Tools For Life will focus you on taking charge of your life. In effect, you will allow new positive patterns to emerge; thus creating a new future for yourself.

When do I arrange for the next session?
It is always a good idea to do your "homework" and to track your progress by listening to your previous session. Once changes begin to unfold, you can then order your next session; or when new circumstances arise. State your situation clearly, and any relevant information or specific questions or issues you would like your session to address.