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Meditation Workshop
Meditation Workshop

Price: £200.00

Product Code: WRKS-MDTN

One-Hour Session. You can use any of the Mentoring Packages to pre-book several sessions
How to meditate
  • I started teaching Creative meditation many years ago at the request of a small group of my clients. When I asked them why they were interested; the consensus was "to help me relax, to be grounded and to connect with my higher-self".Meditation certainly does all that. However, beyond that, in my experience meditation is a valuable tool in expanding our awareness level, and reaching new heights of insights, understanding and wisdom.

    As a practice, meditation helps integrate body mind and spirit in order to achieve a balanced state of well-being. This in turn helps integrate our own life force, or existence, within the universal life-force which leads towards feeling more connected or 'at one', or in a state of harmonious living - even bliss. It teaches to still your mind and listen to your inner voice.

    While we can all learn to breathe deeply and slowly and achieve great benefits, meditation is not for every one as it is a process that engages the mind and affects mental well-being. If you are under sedative medication or anti-depressants, for example, this may not be the right practice for you. Other factors to consider include your over all energy type: Yin or Yang. While sitting still and humming 'OM' may not be everybody's cup of tea, you can still reap benefits through moving mediation such as Tai Chi, Chi Qong and Ashtanga Yoga. This is because meditation is about achieving a balanced flow of energy in our system.
    Active or hyper types may achieve their balance through moving mediation; while quieter types may benefit from quieter mediation techniques; such as Zen or transcendental mediation. Creative meditation I mentioned earlier includes a combination of various techniques that include breathing, visualisation, psychic and energy exercises; making it enjoyable and safe to practice by both types. It is always best to start meditation under guidance of a teacher. However, you can start learning to breathe deeper and slower any time and from the comfort of your armchair!

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