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Harmony & Balance Consultation Phase 1

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Technical Specs
  • Harmony & Balance Consultation - Phase I: Consultation, assessment and report

    • Increase productivity,
    • wellbeing and
    • abundance (health, wealth & happiness) in the
    • workplace, or home.
    It's a tailor-made modern Feng Shui and energetic assessment of your home or workplace.

    You, your home-space, and your workplace:

    You and your work or home environment are interconnected: you affect it as much as it affects you. There are several types of energy blockages and manmade stressors in a workspace that impact negatively on the people working there, and on business results. The aim of the Harmony & Balance consultation is to identify these problem areas and resolve them, resulting in improvements on all levels from staff morale to business results. These principles apply if you work from home too also.

    If you like, everything is formed through the primordial aspects of Yin and Yang, which must always be in balance. This governs all areas of our lives, including where we work, which we can term ‘the container’, and ourselves and the functions we perform there, which we refer to as ‘the content’. When content and container are in harmony with each other, resonance takes place; this is the force, or energy, that helps us materialise our goals. In the workplace, the absence of such harmony means discord between coworkers and stunted business results. At home, discord can take shape in various areas reflecting how relaxed, comfortable, energised the members are; and how they interact with each other.

    The Harmony & Balance Consultation is designed to redress that balance, resulting in restored positivity and an improved flow of abundance. Abundance includes health, wealth and happiness.
    Phase I: Consultation, assessment and report.
    (Phase II: Remedies and "cures" report, a seperate order)

    Consultation Overview - Phase I

    The consultation involves me:
    • Assessing your workplace, or home.
    • Identifying problem areas
    • Creating a detailed report of problems and solutions
    I conduct this either in person or from distance; both are equally effective.


    I use my own modern, intuitive approach, alongside effective Feng Shui principles, to connect energetically to your work environment. I take into consideration:
    • The nature of your space and how you use it. For example, if you work home, your study or work place.
    • If you are requesting a Harmony Balance assessment for your home, please indicate so in the comments box when you order.
    • The people who use the space, including yourself
    • Your identity and image
    • Issues you might be encountering
    • Your goals

    The Report
    At the end of the consultation, I will create for you a bespoke Phase I report which outlines

    • Details of man-made energy blocks and stressors:
    - problem areas in details
    - negative energy lines, and positive ones; this help you to reassign room according to their function.
    - explains their effect.
    - explains energy flow, and how it might be obstructed.
    You Provide

    A layout plan and photos of your workspace or home

    What Results Can you Expect?

    When "cures" are implemented:
    • Increased harmony between coworkers
    • A happier workplace
    • Increased productivity
    • Improved abundance
    The initial assessment, Phase I, does not include remedies. Remedies will be detailed in Phase II.
    Please click on the ‘Requirements (tab at the top) to find out what I will need from you. For more information, it would be a good idea for you to take a look at the information provided under the "alternative views" tab. There you will see pictures, maps and layouts of how energy flows in your environment.

    Fees & Delivery
    • Each of The Harmony and Balance consultation Phase I , and Phase II, takes me between 3 and 18 of days to produce depending on the size of the space involved, and workload at the time.
    • The above mentioned rate is up to a workspace of 120 square meters.
    • If your space is larger than what is listed, please email me dimensions and I will send you a free no-obligation quote.
    • Rate includes Phase 1 report only. The same rate applies for Phase 2.

    For more information, it would be a good idea for you to take a look at the information provided under the "alternative views" tab. There you will see pictures, maps and layouts of how energy flows in your environment.

    Please email me the following after you’ve placed your order:

    • Photographs of the interior(s) of your office
    • 1 photo per room/area is sufficient
    • Photos can include people (preferable but not required)
    • Floor plan of office layout: can be hand drawn but must be to scale
    • Specify which part of your office points North
    • If workspace is on several floors, please provide separate floor plans for each. This can also be a drawing of the floor layout.
    • Include approximate office size in square feet or square meters

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