Welcome. Your journey to self awareness begins. We wish you smooth sailing!

What People Say

"I started my sessions with Sahar in 2011, and I can't express enough how great and inspiring they have alwyas been. Her guidance, advices, and wisdom always encouraging me to change for the better and to increase my awareness. Today I am a different person and I admit that it is largely due to my "Guru" Sahar. Thank you Sahar and I wish the best in your life and career. You are a wonderful and amazing soul. love and light."

By Nadia

"I was really happily surprised with our session starting with discussing my personal issues and career. Thank you for enlightening me and for the homework you gave me to fix my problems. The faith u insipred within me by instilling that we make our destiny. Thank you for your valuable help, great perspectives and vision."

By Mrs.B

"You are right on, to what's happening in my life, but more than that, I so appreciate (and require) the tools you've passed on, to do what I need to do. I have to digest it all, yet I know this is the best session I have ever, ever had. I am so grateful for hearing the words right now, that I need to hear, on so many levels. I'll be in touch, but for now I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I certainly will be passing on people to you. Much love"

Jewell. St.James

"This was my third session with you and as always, I'm inspired. Your sessions move me beyond hopes and dreams and into taking actions that will allow me to step into the bigness of my life. Thank you!! With love & blessing"

Sharri Harmel

"I was really impressed with Sahar, she was incredibly perceptive. It's really strange to meet someone for the first time who can so accurately pick out your character traits. She was extremely positive. I do feel motivated to act on her advice. I would definitely go back to see her and have recommended a friend to book an appointment".